To anyone who thinks of wandering…

Set Your Wild Spirit FREE

After grad school, I worked in a basement office with no windows and no ventilation. I had convinced myself that sitting in front of my computer and never seeing the sunlight was helping me achieve career goals. But all I managed to do was bitch every day about how stifled I was – how little vacation time I had, and how undervalued I felt.

But, more than anything, I knew without any doubt this was not the person I wanted to be. I am not a naturally negative person. I couldn’t stand that I was turning into one.

Doing what you like is FREEDOM, liking what you do is HAPPINESS.

So, I made some major changes. I found a short-term job abroad, sold all my things and embarked with a one-way ticket. I was scared and uncomfortable with so much ambiguity.  I STILL AM.

In the USA, we are programmed to have a purpose. Wandering through life is not encouraged. Every movement must have an end goal – an underlying achievement. A PLAN. Sometimes I feel like all my fellow 20-somethings just need to be given permission to land in the present. To embrace the privilege we’ve been given and accept some uncertainty.

I prefer dangerous freedom, to peaceful slavery.                   -Thomas Jefferson 1779

So, if you are like me and you LOVE a plan. I’m handing you step 1 on a platter.


I met Mirna, the author of in a place called “Wilderness.” (I couldn’t even make that irony up if I tried.) Through this course she gives you the basic steps to planning your first real, long-term adventure abroad. She provides inspiration, structure, goal-setting and support.

If you’ve lusted after other instragrammers, pined after friends study abroad photos or gawked at people’s propensity to wander but still felt that dull ache…wishing that it were you. This is for YOU.

It’s time to pull up those boot straps, ma gals. Embrace what this world has to offer. Make a plan – a plan to have no plan and…


Set Your Wild Spirit FREE


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